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In general, there are not many Small or Medium Businesses that have the financial means of having their own IT department. Even if they do, CaribWork-IT can still assist as second line support organization.

Before CaribWork-IT starts offering any support to new customers a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed between parties. This creates a trusted bond between CaribWork-IT and the customer and regulates disclosure of information and the legality of it. You can download a sample of our standard NDA by clicking here.

Support Services

Networks and IT equipment need maintenance like anything technological. Lack of preventative maintenance can cause major outages costing your business production.

Support services are offered in a few different ways;

  1. By the hour. We assist you or your staff members and you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for the time spend. We generally charge in 15-minute increments for remote support and a one hour starting is invoiced for onsite assistance (first hour included).
  2. Pre-paid. You purchase hours at a discounted rate at the beginning of each month. These are used for support either remote or onsite and when finished additional hours are billed. In most cases we calculate a few hours for maintenance of equipment. For instance, you purchase 10 hours per month and 4 of those are used for maintenance you will have 6 hours for end user support.
  3. FITS! – Fixed IT Support Services. Based on the number of devices on your network you pay a monthly fee and all maintenance and support is included (within reason). So, if an end-user calls every day because they forgot a password will not become a huge bill at the end of the month for you.

When signing up for either a Pre-paid or FITS! Agreement we can add 24/7 services for HIGH priority issues. This in incur additional cost.

Contact us today to discuss how CaribWork-IT can assist your company through maintenance and support. We believe that maintaining a network and equipment can prevent outages.

CaribWork-IT’s opening hours are from Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm excluding St Maarten holidays. We apply the following price increase for work outside of these hours.

Weekdays 8am-7pm – 100%
Weekdays 7pm-12pm – 150%
Weekdays 12am-8am – 200%
Saturday 12am-8am – 200%
Saturday 8am-7pm – 150%
Saturday 7pm – Monday 8am – 200%
Public Holidays – 200%

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