Welcome to CaribWork-IT – your preferred IT service provider. We offer business to business IT support to the island of St Maarten and surrounding islands in the Caribbean. From designing a new infrastructure to server installation and wireless networking. Information Technology is not the purchase of a new computer, it is the configuration of the equipment and software to assist your business process and communication. CaribWork-IT has over 40 years of combined experience and it’s consultants have been involved in project ranging from a two user network to network support in an environment with over 2500 users. Our experience ranges from Microsoft® products, Novell, Dell, HP, POS solutions – we can do it all! Contact us today to discuss how CaribWork-IT can assist your business with no nonsense support.

CaribWork-IT thrives on the fact that we work diligently to build up a trusted relationship with our customers and our suppliers to ensure that we offer the services you need, not the services we want you to buy.

CaribWork-IT has recently been appointed the first and only partner in the Caribbean for Aruba Networks. Using Aruba Networks we can help your business, school or hotel get the best WiFi solution that fits the needs of your organization, offers stable wireless connectivity in a manageable way.


To be able to offer our customers the turn-key solutions they seek we offer products and services in packages as well as separately. Being authorized resseller for quality products is a must and we have established partnerships with for instance Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc, Lenovo, Aruba Networks, WatchGuard, Cisco and many more top quality brands to ensure that you will get the products that are the best fit for your business.

Have a look around our newly updated website and if you want to contact CaribWork-IT feel free to call 1 721 5452504.

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