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CaribWork-IT is a project organization with many years of experience in IT projects. We offer projects in the IT of all sorts;

  • Network design. We can design the way the cables need to run through your building, assist the cable laying company and in case needed even terminate patch panels and cross connect. We specialize however in the design of the switches, communication between them, VLAN and other technical designs. CaribWork-IT does not do physical cable work but we have partners that we work with in case needed.
  • WiFI design. Together with our partners at Aruba we can design and implement the best WiFi product for your organization.
  • Server and capacity design. Buying a server is not as easy as buying a toaster. Servers are specially designed for your needs, your estimated growth and future. We can assist with designing a solution that fits your company perfectly. With our HPE consultants we can design, quote and build the best server solution, including backup and recovery, central storage and much more.
  • Implementation projects. Are you purchasing new software and have not idea where to start, we can assist! Surely we cannot know all the ins- and outs of every piece of software in the world, but we can most probably assist with installation, migration and implementation processes.
  • Microsoft Cloud migrations. Are you ready to make the switch? Moving from Gmail to something professional or moving away from onsite Exchange server to Office 365, can be very complex. CaribWork-IT can assist!
  • Upgrade projects. Whereas many before us would simply press Install.exe – we believe that upgrades need to be tested and implements according to a plan to prevent unforeseen issues and technical challenges afterwards. We may sound old-fashioned but being prepared is always best compared to trying to find the problem after the installation has completed.
  • And more! We are flexible and very experienced. If you have any IT projects lined up and need professional assistance contact us so we can see how we can assist. We have seen it all, so probably nothing surprises us!
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