Information Technology is as important to a business as it’s customers. Without it you cannot communicate properly or send out invoices to mention a few.

CaribWork-IT only works with brands that have the ability to support the equipment under warranty in the Caribbean. In general our suppliers offer locally supported warranty. That means that if something breaks down within the warranty the factory has to replace the broken equipment. We have had experiences where backup robots would break down and within shortly a technician was flown in from Curacao to replace the broken parts free of charge. The same applies to Dell, when purchased through the correct suppliers they have Caribbean warranty.

Sure, we understand that in some cases it may be cheaper to purchase equipment through an online vendor and ship to St Maarten using a freight forwarder but keep in mind that generally this equipment is not warranted in the Caribbean. The question is if you are willing to risk business income when equipment is down for a very long time? In the event that your main server would fail and your employees cannot work you are loosing income – a calculation that is not so difficult to make. For that reason we only offer warranted equipment through Caribbean suppliers.

Contact us if you need more information about warranty and how we can help getting you the equipment you need with the proper warranty for St Maarten!

All Dell servers and workstations purchased through CaribWork-IT come with a standard 3 years warranty.