Pricing and terms

What does a CaribWork-IT consultant cost per hour?

Basically that depends on a lot of different things, for instance;

  • Type of work (installation/consultancy etc)
  • Customer (subcontracted or not)
  • Hours (weekend/night)
  • And more

In general we work in a project formation – that means that we start with the customers problem and help find a solution. We can only have pricing information when the solution is quoted and not so much before.

We do have a transparent standard hourly fee for our support and project work that we bill the customer post paid. Pre-paid hours are cheaper so in case you want a maintenance or support agreement you can purchase hours upfront at a discounted rate.

What about hard- and software?

Since we do not have a storefront we do not have a storage full of equipment this is difficult to answer. Each project is different and we quote based on what is needed to make the project a success and not based on what we have in stock. This process involves CaribWork-IT and our suppliers to find you the best equipment and software.

Contact us for more details!

CaribWork-IT works in US Dollars but accepts Netherlands Antilles Guilders as well. All our prices are including turn over tax. Shipment cost may be calculated separately. Our standard payment term is 15 days after receiving the invoice unless otherwise agreed upon. Down-payment and other terms for hard- and software purchases are mentioned on the individual estimates/quotes. We prefer direct bank transfers instead of checks. Our banking information is available on request and printed on your invoice. We reserve the right to add additional charges for customers that do not pay their outstanding invoices in time.