Exchange 2013 Installation

CaribWork-IT worked on a design project for a customer on St Maarten. During the design and consultancy stage it was decided to start using Microsoft Exchange server for e-mail and collaboration. This project was finished and the question came if we would be able to supply this customer with all the equipment and software that we added during the design. This was a large project and CaribWork-IT consultants started the process of ordering the equipment, the licenses and setup the project schedules.

The software purchased came including Microsoft Exchange 2013 – the newest version of this very popular collaboration server. Although the installation on the new Windows Server 2012 operating system was not that difficult, the configuration of Exchange turned out to be learning experiment. The look and feel of the management console is completely different compared to older versions and it took some time before our consultants were finally used to this new Exchange Server. The fact that it was installed on Windows 2012 resulted in a lot of searching for the right buttons to press (the 2012 internet is also completely different compared to other versions).

In the end our consultants were able to install and configure a stable Exchange environment and migrated the users from their older 2003 version.

Interested in upgrading to the new Exchange 2013 – contact us for details!