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What you can expect from The Sea Rescue Foundation.

Rescue at Sea

Our volunteers are on standby 365 days a year to assist mariners and sea-goers in distress. Our fleet of rescue vessels (currently one operational and one comissioning) responds to requests for assistance in and around the waters of St Maarten and our neighbouring islands. Our volunteers have responded to sinking vessels, man overboard searches, recovering survivors from multiple airplane crashes and much more. We work closely with the local Coastguard and our response is managed through the MRCC in Martinique who cover our part of the Caribbean (they are standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, on VHF CH16 in case assistance is needed).

Boat Inspections

As with any moving vehicle, an anual safety inspection is required for all locally registered vessels. SSRF performs anual safety inspetions on privately owned vessels registered on St Maarten. For more information or to make an appointment for your safety inspection, please visit http://sxmsearescue.weebly.com. Note that these inspections are carried out by our volunteers and most appointments will be scheduled during weekends. Your inspection fee will directley support the operational costs of St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation. link


SSRF endeavors to train all of our volunteers in both general safety, seamanship and boat handeling but also specific areas such as VHF communication, First Aid and Search and Rescue activities.


Sea Rescue Foundation at Bobby's Marina Philipsburg.

Our Amazing Team of Volunteers

The Sea Rescue Foundation is made possible by our volunteers and sponsors.


The St Maarten Sea Rescue is managed through a democratically chosen board of 5 members. These consist of a chairman, treasurer, secretary, operations manager, and general board member. Volunteers can be board members as well and an election of the board is held every two years. Due to Hurricane Irma and followed by the Corona crisis these elections have be postponed but should take place in 2023.


Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds. Some have boating experience while others join with no prior knowledge of boating or rescue operations – everyone is welcome. The small group is comprised of people from the healthcare industry, hospitality industry, retail and management, small business owners and anything in between. New volunteers are always welcome.

Sponser & Donors

An NGO like the St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation needs support in order to maintain operations and our service to the community. From monetary donations and sponsorship to donations of parts and materials – all is both welcome and much needed to continue our mission - saving ives in and around the waters of St Maarten.

Do you wish to be part of the Sea Rescue Foundation as a volunteer or sponsor?.

Feel free to contact us through our contact form


Meet our Sponsors (in random order).


What to do in case of an emergency at sea.


To be able to help those in need funds are needed. Fundraisings are organized usually through third parties like the Heineken Regatta or local fishing tournaments. If you have fundraiser planned and would like to include our foundation please reach out to sxmsearescue@gmail.com.


Your donation is much appreciated! You can transfer funds directly to our local bank account. We accept any kind of donation in either USD or Netherlands Antilles Guilders. Please contact us on sxmsearescue@gmail.com for more information. For cash donations, you can donate at Aziana Restaurant at Bobby’s Marina. The owner is a friend and volunteer of the St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation.


Your organization can become a sponsor of the St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation. Depending on the value of the donation, we can assist you with media presence, social media spread and maybe even advertising on our vessel(s) for all to be seen. You can contact sxmsearescue@gmail.com to discuss the options.


What to do in case of an emergency at sea.

At sea using VHF

Contact Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Martinique who are standing by on channel 16.

Without access to VHF

For emergency services related to maritime. Call the Coastguard at 913 or 911 or MMRC at +596 696 82.09.97.

Non Maritime related services

Police 911 - Ambulance 912 - Fire department 914. For all other emergency services, dail 911.

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